I am just ordinary American like you, with an extraordinary goal. I’m a guy in  my 60’s that refuses to take refuge in a retirement community but would rather fight for the rights of our women and children. I’m someone that truly believes that the abuse to women and children is pandemic and detrimental to our great country. I’m someone that believes each and every mother and child has the right to live each and everyday out of harm’s way.

In 1979, I made a commitment to myself and my Maker to help women and kids facing domestic violence. I started this journey almost 38 years ago. A work associate asked me to help out at a safe house. I didn’t even know what a safe house was. While volunteering I was exposed to something that I’d never witnessed in my life, not as a child, a husband or as a father. Domestic violence, and it changed the way I looked at life, forever. My friends and family know that when I commit to something it’s as good a done. They also know I’m determined and driven by the naysayers. Some people believe that what I am striving for is impossible! I choose to believe in the United States of America everything is possible. Please help me to prove them wrong!  Together WE CAN make a difference.

I am 100% committed to walking across the United States of America spreading awareness and raising money from all the good people of American!  90% of the money raised is going directly to the victims of sexual and domestic abuse.

I’m asking two things from you, please take 2 minutes and donate what you can to Just A Penny Please. Then I ask that you hold a good thought for our mission and pray for the women and kids I’m walking for. Pray for their safety.

I even ask that you pray for the abuser. Pray that the family unit is healed.